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Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

We offer Retail Womens Suits and Womens Wholesale Plus Size Clothing since 1987. We are Located in Flushing New York.

We specialize in womens suits, womens church suits, womens dresses, womens church dresses, womens church hats, womens purses, and ladies church hats. We offer a niche in Church Fashions to churches and the general public.

We buy direct from a large variety of manufacturers of womens dresses, ladies suits, church purses, and fancy hats. All of our styles are current in career, casual, church attire, and evening wear.

We can get first choice on our purchases from major manufacturers and always stock the highest quality. We update inventory on our website on a daily basis.

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing is one of the fine things we offer at Clothes-out Factory Inc. We also offer wholesale womens hats, women church dresses, and wholesale ladies hats.

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

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